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The archaeological sites

Discover the archaeological sites located in the Euganean Area from which the majority of findings exhibited in the museum come from.

A lot of the sites encompass the municipalities of Montegrotto Terme and Abano Terme, creating a large archaeological complex full of mysteries not yet revealed.

In contrast with other archaeological complexes, the Euganean one is relatively “young”: despite the archaeological interest for the area dates back to 18th century, the most part of the digging was rather centred between the end of the last century and the first years of the 2000.

It was only 1988 when, during some ploughing in a field of Via Neroniana, the first findings from one we now know was one of the most luxurious Villas of Roman era came to light (the Villa was built in 1st century A.D.).

In these last few years, thanks to the careful supervision of the University of Padua, the Aquae Patavinae project has been established to study and value the archaeological sites of the area. The project’s name reflects the ancient name of the Euganean Thermae.

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Villa Draghi park

Lose yourself in park surrounding Villa Draghi, with its uncountable acres of unspoiled nature and its favourable position: it will be the perfect place to taste the whole view of the Euganean Hills!

Besides being the best spot for Orienteering sessions and summer events, the park is also particularly fit to explore paths in the nature or to enjoy relaxing family or school moments.

In this scenario, the museo del termalismo antico e del territorio grows, in what is called the “Rustico” of Villa Draghi, one of the side buildings of the Villa. The Rustico, standing at the feet of the Monte Alto, it’s the most ancient building of the complex, erected at the end of 15th century.

The Villa is instead of more recent construction: it was in fact built around 1848-1850 from the architect Scapin following the template Villa-Castle, that we still can admire today. Previously on the spot of the villa, there had been the vacation home of the Venetian accountant Alvise Lucadelli who, obviously, had already understood the potential of the restorative climate and nature of the park.

Near the museum, at the entrance of the park, you will find the bike rental shop “A Perdifiato”, to better explore, with bikes and e-bikes, not only the Villa Draghi park, but also the itineraries through the Euganean hills starting from there.

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The territory

Chose the experience that suits you the most in the unique panorama of the Euganean Hills!

Here, you can discover the plurality of services and of thermal experiences offered by the Euganean area, the biggest thermal complex in Europe (including the municipalities of Abano Terme, Montegrotto Terme, Battaglia Terme and Galzignano Terme).

Besides the thermal offer, the hills have always fascinated everyone with their landscape beauty and the uniqueness of the nature environment, which make them the ideal destination for bike, hiking, and nature enthusiasts.

The Euganean area it’s also the perfect place for history lovers: between its peculiar conical peaks preserves in fact evidence of a very long history full of traces and findings creating a wide and intriguing cultural heritage.

Thermae, Nature, History… and it’s not even over!

The Euganean Hills have become the perfect destination for food and wine lovers, who have found in the excellent wine and in the peculiar cuisine of the area, the perfect ally to the breath-taking view they can admire from restaurants, bar and wineries surrounded by the hilly panorama.

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